If you speak to a gardener they’ll probably tell you that the ideal time to prepare your garden for summer was a couple of months ago, and in many ways, they would be right. Ultimately we’d have planted seeds a few weeks ago and gotten the soil ready before that – So you could be wondering is it too late to make my garden nice for summer?

In short, the answer is no. Whatever outdoor space you have you can make the most of it whenever you want and just because the nice weather is here doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to do that!

Get The Garden Ready

The first thing you’ll want to do is get the garden ready – this means decluttering anything you don’t need, tidying up things like overgrown bushes and lawns and even giving the soil a dig over ready. You want a nice canvas to put your garden on, so putting in some work now to tidy things up is a must.

Get Planting

Head to your local garden centre and see what trays of plants they have that you can simply take home and plant. Pansys are a good choice because they’re so bright and vibrant. Don’t be afraid to speak to staff at the garden centre for their recommendations for this time of year too.

Get Accessorising

Depending on the space you have available, you might want to start considering accessories to brighten things up. A garden bench or some seating can make a lovely addition, even a garden table if you have the space. If you’re on a budget then check out places like eBay and Facebook Marketplace for a bargain! Why not invest in a hammock or some funky seating? Decent seating is something that will last you a good few summers, so it’s something most definitely worth researching and investing in

The nicest thing about doing your harden in this way is that even if you’re in a rented house, it is a way of helping to make where you live to feel like home.

So, if you are thinking is it too late to make my garden nice for summer? Stop wondering and get out there to make it happen, we’re expecting warm weather again at the start of September so you have plenty of weeks left this year to make the most of your outdoor space.

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