If you’re wondering how to get about making the most out of your garden then a patio could be worth considering. The great thing about a patio is that there are plenty of choices, which means that whatever you need there will be something to suit you.

Constructing a patio is an ideal way to maximise the actual use of garden space. It provides a low maintenance space that can be used for simple seating or a more elaborate bbq or hot tub.

Making The Most Out Of Your Garden with a New Patio

Constructing one is not hard, just laborious. Depending on the style and finish you require. You may need to level the ground, removing topsoil. Then provide a sturdy sub-base of scalpings or mot 1 aggregate. If your patio is raised, you will need a perimeter made from bricks, blocks or concrete. To help choose the shape you need, you can always place the furniture in situ and make sure you have adequate space before you commit to a finished design.

making the most out of your garden

What a patio might look like part way through a job!

Things To Consider

It’s important, especially on a larger patio to consider the slight fall required, and where rainwater will drain to. This could simply be onto the grass, or drainage may need to be provided for.

If you are doing this yourself, consider hiring a cement mixer as the amount of mixed mortar required to lay slabs is substantial. Stone and concrete slabs can be cut to shape to provide an edge detail or contrasting materials can be used. If you have chosen to lay slabs or stone flags, they will need to be grouted or pointed in a few days after they have been laid. You should leave a concrete patio for some time to fully harden before subjecting it to use.

There are a vast number of choices of slabs, sandstone, cobbles and tiles that would be suitable for use.

Have a look online and also in your local builders and landscapers merchants.

Places like Pinterest and Google also provide great inspiration for what sort of patio you might prefer when making the most out of your garden.

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