When it comes to travel, I love a good road trip and you won’t convince me that they are anything but fun. That said, I don’t drive so I guess if you’re someone that is always a designated driver for most of these trips then you might think differently. However, as a self-confessed road trip lover here are my tips on ways to make a road trip more enjoyable.

Choose How You’re Going to Navigate

Believe it or not, there are different ways to navigate a road trip. For example, if you know the destination you’re heading to then you can simply get the sat nav on and head straight there; or you could do some research in advance and pick a few places to stop on the way – the choice is yours. If you don’t have a final destination in mind then you could set out and see what happens, but to save stress I would recommend choosing HOW you’re going to navigate. One fun way is to take a coin and flip it at major junctions on your journey – tails you carry on and heads you turn off at that junction and see where you end up.

Ways To Make a Road Trip More Enjoyable

Get The Tunes Ready

Without a doubt you need to make sure you have a decent driving playlist organised; although someone needs to be in charge of turning down the sound when you’re trying to find somewhere as we all know that it makes it easy to find somewhere with no music on 🙂 Everyone will have opinions on the best driving songs so if there is a group of you going then speak to everyone for their preferences and then you can make sure that you have a list of tunes put together that everyone will appreciate.  However, it will probably come as no surprise that some of the most popular driving songs include Shotgun by George Ezra and Don’t Stop Believing by Journey – both good feel good songs!

Pack Snacks

No road trip is going to be complete without snacks – let’s face it, service stations are expensive so packing the right snacks can help you save money too! Think of snacks that are easily eaten with fingers and quick for the driver to eat if you stop – sandwiches, crisps and even things like sausage rolls can go down well. Of course, you also need to raid the sweatshop like you’re 5 years old again and get some sweet treats for the trip!

Do you enjoy a road trip?

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