Although you probably use your car most days for local journeys and errands for the family, if you’re going on a longer trip then you might want to give your car the once over before you go. No one wants to go on a long road trip worrying that their car won’t make it, so here are some tips for preparing for a long car journey.

Check Over The Car

Without a doubt you’re going to want to check over the car – there are things that you can do yourself without any mechanical knowledge – check your screenwash, make sure you have oil and water and fill up for petrol for starters. You should also make sure your tyres are safe! If you have a friend that knows a little more about cars than you then there is no harm in asking them to give your car the once over.

Pack for an Emergency

No one wants to think about things going wrong, but you should prepare in case they do – a spare type and a basic car tool kit including a jack is a must. If its cold then you might want to make sure there is a blanket or two in the back of the car and a couple of bottles of water is a good idea too.

Plan Your Route

Although we can pretty much rely on things like Google Maps and Waze nowadays, it is a good idea to take a look at your route before you go and have a rough idea where you’re going. This gives you an opportunity to look at where you might stop for a rest, to refuel or even to charge your battery if you’re driving an electric vehicle.

Preparing for a long car journey doesn’t need to be anything extravagant or stressful but a few small steps now can make life so much easier if your journey doesn’t quite go to plan.

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