We spent last Easter in lockdown and there is a good chance that this year will have some restrictions against it too. That doesn’t mean you should forget the idea of celebrating Easter at all, but it does mean that you might need to think about how you want to celebrate – a big Easter party is probably off the cards for example. However, here are some ideas for celebrating easter on a budget this year.

An Easter Egg Hunt

Whether you have a garden or you want to arrange one around the house, an easter egg hunt is a great way of celebrating Easter on a budget. You can get bags of chocolate eggs for a really affordable price and hide these individually around the house. Depending on how energetic you’re feeling you can set these up with clues on how to find them like a treasure trail or simply put them out and let everyone go at it in a free for all.

Plan a Family Day

If there is one thing that this past year has taught us, it is that spending time with family is essential – because it could be taken away. Even if it is just with the family inside your home, try to get everyone together for a family day. We all live such busy lives so it can be hard to get everyone together and spend time – so Easier is the perfect excuse. You can have a picnic lunch or just watch a film together, it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant – just a way to spend time as a family.

Meet Outside

Mostly you are able to meet outside, so if the weather allows it why not do so? Perhaps you could get together with another household and plan a picnic or a walk in the woods?

Basically, use the day as an excuse to spend time together in whatever way suits you and your family rather than concentrating on buying big, expensive chocolate eggs!

If you have any ideas for celebrating easter on a budget please share them


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