With the summer holidays fast approaching, you’re probably thinking about how much the 6 week holiday is going to cost you. Between days out, having a cheeky staycation, the kids being bored and their endless need for snacks if you’re not careful the school holidays can cost a pretty penny. Here are our tips on surviving the summer holidays on a budget.

Snack Boxes

Setting out snack boxes for the kids is a great idea  – you can even get them involved in deciding what goes in their box each day. The idea behind this is that they can see a visual representation of what they have to eat that day – and can choose to eat it all at once or spread it through the day. But, when it is gone – it’s gone. Of course, they’ll have their meals as normal but this saves them raiding the crisp cupboard every few minutes and complaining to you that they’re still hungry.

Organised Days Out

For summer holidays on a budget, organised days out are a must. Lots of places require you to book in advance anyway, but by doing so you can save money. Look to see if cereal packets are offering 2 for 1 discounts on anywhere that you wish to go as they often do have discount vouchers on offer! For the day out itself, take lunch, snacks and drinks with you. Once you’re inside somewhere food and drink can be costly and if there are a few of you to feed can add up. Why not plan an exciting picnic somewhere and save yourself some money along the way.

Things To Do At Home

It stands to reason you can’t do exciting days out every day – it might rain, you might need to work and quite frankly, the budget won’t stretch that far. Why not get them involved in baking some snacks for their snack boxes? Otherwsise things like arts and crafts can be fun, maybe get them involved in decorating a room if they’re old enough and you need to redecorate anyway!! What you can also do is team up with some other parents in similar positions and agree on a rota for the children to go to different houses – that way, you all get a break and the children get to be entertained by seeing their friends – win, win!

If you have any tips for summer holidays on a budget please share them below!

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