No one wants to spend more on shopping than they need to, but the truth is that plenty of stuff costs us a large amount each month. During a time when lots of us are looking at ways to cut back, we thought we would share some ideas on how to save money on your shopping.

Use Discount Codes

If you’re shopping online then you should never shop without looking for a discount code first. Much like paper vouchers that you may hand over at the supermarket, these codes give you money off of your shopping. These often change so it is worth looking on Google or a reliable discount voucher website for what the latest discount on offer is. These will sometimes be a discount on a particular brand and sometimes on a specific product. Either way, as long as you’re using it against shopping you would have bought anyway they’re a reliable way to save money on your shopping.

Use a Cashback Website

Cashback websites like Quidco and TopCashBack can take a while to get used to using but they’re a great way to save money. The idea is that you visit their site first to see what discount is on offer and then click through their link and complete your purchase in exactly the same way as you would otherwise. Except, once your transaction is complete you’ll usually find some cashback pending in your account. This can be a small amount on everyday purchases or a large lump-sum amount if you’re using it for swapping utility or insurance companies.

Shop Sensibliy

If you do have to visit a shop, or you’re doing a large grocery shop online then always shop sensibly. It is great is something is buy one get one free, but you haven’t saved any money if it is something that you don’t need and will just go to waste. Always write a shopping list and stick to this as much as possible – never visit a supermarket while you’re hungry! haha

Do you have anyway ways to save money on your shopping? We’d love to hear them!

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