Whether you’re moving house and want to be organised or you’re considering what work might need doing on your home, a home tool kit is a must. You don’t have to be a professional DIY’er in order to make sure of a tool kit – there are plenty of small jobs around the house where a small essential home tool kit might be handy – but what should you include?

Essential Home Tool Kit

  • Tape Measure – For checking furniture is going to fit or helping to make sure photo frames are in a central position
  • Spirit Level – Making sure that the photo frame is level or any furniture you have put together is straight.
  • Screwdrivers – Taking down shelving, putting up shelving or even putting together flat-pack furniture
  • Pliers – Helping you to turn tricky to reach things – even for emergencies like a leaking washing machine!
  • Hammer – Need to give something a whack into place? A hammer is essential
  • Cordless Drill – Helps with putting in screws and make flat pack furniture assembly a doddle!
  • Tool Box – Of course, if you’re investing in all of this stuff you want somewhere to keep it!
    Screws and repair tools in box near hammer - Essential Home Tool Kit

All of this depends on what your plans are for your new house. For example, you’ll need certain tools if you’re installing new lighting, which will be different to what you need if you’re laying a carpet.

If you’re moving house then good advice is to get a new home tool kit organised ready for your new home. It’ll make moving in a much smoother experience.

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