The end of the summer holidays is fast approaching which means you’ll want to start preparing your kid to go back to school – here are some tips!

Get Organised Early

Although we probably all do it every year, scouring the shops for stationery and new school schools at the end of August is no fun at all. The best way to ensure that the return to school is as smooth as possible is to be organised. Work out what your kids need and start shopping now. This gives you time to shop for what you need, return anything that doesn’t fit and search out anything that you can’t find.

Make Sure They Know When They’re Going Back

Although no kid wants to think about the end of the school holidays, making sure they know when the holidays end and what is expected of them when this happens is important. That way they can’t claim to be surprised by the return to school or be upset that they couldn’t achieve everything they wanted. Mark it on the calendar and speak to them about how far away the return to school is, so that both you and them can be as organised a possible.

Check The School Website for Details

Things are still ever-changing with regards to Coronvirus, restrictions and periods of self-isolation. It is a good idea to check the school’s website for details on their policy and what might be needed – for example, will they require a negative covid test before they return?

Practice Run

It is a good idea to get into the habit of getting up a little earlier in the days approaching the return to school – that way getting up at 7am rather than 10am lie they have all holidays won’t be such a shock ti their system. Teenagers aren’t going to thank you for forcing them out of bed early during the last few days of the holiday but in the long run it does make the return all the more easier.

Do you have any tips for preparing your kid to go back to school?

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