Getting your home prepared for winter is important, we rely so much on our homes to keep us warm and dry all year round, but this is tested harder during the winter months. Some things are easier if they are done before the worst of the winter sets in. Here are some tips for preparing your home for winter.

A Little Cleaning

Though not so much indoors, outdoor jobs are harder in the winter. So a quick tidy of the garden, making sure any loose items are either covered or moved indoors. A quick look at the condition of the shed roof may save you from a leak that will damage your stuff. It’s easier to put even a temporary patch on to get you through the winter now, than doing it when it’s cold and wet outside.

Guttering too is an important aspect of keeping your home dry in winter, cleaning it now and making sure it works and doesn’t leak or overflow will avoid future problems and the inconvenience of having to clean a blockage during the worst of the weather.

Hotting Things Up

Your heating will most likely be used for the first time in a few months. This idle period can lead to sticking valves and problems. So taking the preventative measure of trying the heating system now and having it serviced will increase your chances of trouble-free heating over the coming winter. Always use a Gas Safe registered engineer to service the gas appliances within your home.

Prevent Freezing

If you have an outside tap, this can usually be turned off and the tap opened and drained to prevent freezing temperatures from bursting the water pipe. Other external pipes that carry water should be insulated, it’s worth checking that this still remains in place.

Get Rid Of Draughts

Adding some insulation improvements in the form of eliminating draughts is easy to do and helps a lot to keep your home comfy and warm

Draughts can be excluded under doors with fun snake draught excluders. The front door should have a brush or flap type draught excluder on the inside. If the seals are worn around your doors, replacing them can eliminate the resulting draughts.

Checking your home now will hopefully help ensure you have a trouble-free. If you have any tips for preparing your home for winter please share them below!

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